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Payment Service Search Instructions
Complete on-line payment instructions can be found here (opens new window)
  1. Enter your search criteria above (last name is required), and click search.
  2. From the list of matches, indicate which case(s) apply to you by checking the "My Case" box for each of those cases and click the "Continue" button.

Legend of Key Symbols
- Indicates a hearing is scheduled for that particular case today. Fines/waivers on such cases can be paid by returning on the following day. A late fee will likely be added to the amount already owed on that particular case/charge.
- Indicates a payment has been made or attempted on that case within the last 24 hours but has not yet been applied to the case. A delay of 24 hours (possibly longer during the weekend and holidays) can be expected before the dollar amount is actually applied to the case. Return here the following business day to ensure the payment was accepted and applied to the case.
W/P - The "W/P" column indicates whether the case is a waivable offense (W), or a fine payment (P). Waivable offenses have to be paid in full, whereas fine payments can be made in installments. An 'N' in this column indicates the fine cannot be paid on the internet.

Notice to all Web Court Information Users and Legal Disclaimer
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